Check-in and Check-out

Check-in time : Between 14:00 (02:00pm) - 20:00 (08:00pm)
Check-out time : Before 10:00am, please.


Office opens 08:00am - 20:00 (08:00pm). We are happy to assist your sightseeing and shopping in Tokyo as well as other places inside Japan.

We are also happy to keep your luggage while you travel around Japan (until your second stay at Tokyo Ryokan), in which case, we would like to kindly ask you to pay the second stay room charge before you leave your luggage. Otherwise JPY500 per luggage, please.

Free WiFi

You may please enjoy surfing on our WiFi at free of charge. Our FAQ page has an answer to your mobile WiFi-LiFe, too (^^)

No Smoking

Thank you very much for your cooperation not to smoke anywhere inside the house. Tokyo Ryokan is a non-smoking home.

No Curfew

There is no curfew. We shall provide you a key-code for the side gate.

Japanese style lounge (Living Room or Common Room)

If you brought any food and/or drink, please enjoy in common room (living room) on ground floor. Please note that drinking and eating is not allowed in your tatami room. Some books and travel guides as well as Origami (folding papers) are available, you may start Good :Day with yoga or radio-taiso.

Guest Rooms

We have only three Japanese style rooms, all laid out with tatami floor. There is no western style room/s.

Unless you book our private facilities (Unless you book all-3-rooms at once), there is no private shower nor private toilet, anyway, they are not attached in each room. In case you don't book our private facilities (In case you don't book all-3-rooms at once), please share our communal shower and our communal toilet with other guests (maximum three guest rooms in small house). They are lockable but please consider next guest (including your families and your friends) who wait for shower and toilet.

All facilities are clean and tidy with our best effort.

Each guest is provided with one futon set (Japanese sleeping mat, plus mattress, blankets, pillows and sheets) and towel.

Each room is heated in winter, cooled in summer. There is no extra cost for the air-conditioning.

You are most welcome to stay in the house during daytime, too (there is no lock-out period if you stay two or more consecutive nights).


Very sorry, we do not provide bathrobe, tooth brush, tooth paste yukata ... therefore, it is advisable to bring your own, please. There is only one hair-dryer available. No worry for basic night, please, since there are towel, pillows and sleeping facilities with sheets provided.

Essential toiletries can be purchased at nearby convenience store (24 hours a day) and at 100yen shop (day-time only) in short minute walk.


  • Nearby Facilities around Tokyo Ryokan (not at Tokyo Ryokan but in our neighborhood)


KotobukiYu Public Bath
Tattoo friendly. It is only 520yen per one adult. Opens 11:00am - 25:30 (01:30am).
Professional National Licensed Massage
Just in front of Tokyo Ryokan, there is a genuine acupancture/moxibustion/massage place called AobaNoShizuku available by good English speaking Dr.Harakawa.
Coin Laundry
Not inside Tokyo Ryokan, but within 3 minutes short walk from Tokyo Ryokan. There are coin operated laundry machines opening 06:00am - 23:00 (11:00pm) and also round-the-clock (24 hours open).
Local Restaurant
Among Japanese people, Asakusa is well known and popular for good and non-expensive restaurants. Please refer to our Local Restaurants page for more details/reviews.